Maria Albertsen – Rags Dolls for Heroes.

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Lyn appeared from no where and really helped me to secure a lot of the votes that I needed to do this. She was a constant source of support and encouragement and was always there to spur me on. Since then Lyn has helped me to focus on ways to promote and grow the business and I really value her friendship and business expertise.
This testimonial was from Maria who made my rag doll!

Ian Stevens – Isle of Wight Councillor

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I’d like to say Lyn assists in business start ups and onwards support for entrepreneurial residents of our Island.
On our Island some people can only get employment through starting up their business, which Lyn has been great help in that field, think you will find that entrepreneurs and small businesses on this Island, Lyn has been very inspirational and has great talent in bringing forth the supporting mechanism that is ongoing.
Also I would like to mention the tourism aspect of our Island which is sadly lacking at this present time, Everything in the south east is being pushed to the limit. In particular the Isle of Wight has sad lacking of tourism marketing and support.
Lyn is taking that forward to another level on so many aspect and this will have an impact on all small businesses and tourist organisations and events on this Island.
We welcome all her support to do such a thing and very good for the community and our businesses.

Michele – Four Seasons Cookery Academy

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I have been a member of Wightbuzz for about 9 months now and I have got to know Lyn fairly well during this time. I find her motivational and inspirational, dynamic and her warm friendly personality brings people together from all walks of life, she creates and energy which helps us all work together.

She also has this inner nack of linking people together and her on going encouragement means so much.
I am very grateful that I have Lyn and Wightbuzz within my business.

Thank You

Claire Kay – Eve Designs

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The actual aspect of networking with Lyn is proved to be very important for me and I have actually managed to gain some new clients via this media and personally I find it very useful to go to networking evenings and little social gatherings and we get to meet lots of different types of people and businesses.
I would thoroughly recommend you to join and hopefully if you do join I will get to meet you sometime.

Tina Hughes – Body, Mind and Soul

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She is inspirational to a lot of people including myself, she is very motivated, very determined, she has immense drive and passion in everything she does. I highly recommend her for the award she is entering, because she is a very inspiring motivated person and also great friend.