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Have you ever tried networking at the dentist?  Did you know that opportunities occur everywhere.

Philip and Joy Lewis of  Avenue Road Dental Practice, have been members of Wightbuzz for quite some time. Their busy lives meant they found it difficult to attend the networking meetings and so I decided to bring the networking to the dentist. They were more than happy to host and have even offered to put on a spread of food and drinks. The dental practice is used to organising patient parties so networking at the dentist should be a "doddle"  for them to organise.

It would be very refreshing to have some new (as in different rather than new to business) business owners attending. It is always good to have a diverse mix of people attending.


We will be gathering for our networking at the dentist session from 6.30 pm on Tuesday 26th July 2016. . During the evening, Philip will give a short talk about his work and we will find out why patients travel to the Isle of Wight to go to the dentist. I am certainly happy to travel across the Island for treatment. I remember someone asking me why I was going "all the way to Freshwater" to get dental treatment. - To me that was a very strange question as the Island is only about 14 miles by 26 miles. I spent 50 years living in London where it took hours to do even a small distance so boarding two buses to get to Freshwater is so insignificant by comparison. I do have to avoid the early appointments for fear of not getting there in time.


I am looking forward to networking at the dentist. I am sure we will have a very relaxed and informal evening and would love to invite other business owners/managers to join us. Networking is all about building relationships. Once relationships have been established people are then happy and confident to buy from those they know, like and trust.

Will you join us networking at the dentist? Check out the details here  and don't forget to bring your business cards. Come and make some new connections - but don't forget to follow up! That is the important part.



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