Membership Rules

WIGHT BUZZ Membership Rules

In return for membership of Wight Buzz (the Club) all members will abide by the Rules which are as follows and are subject to variation at any time by the Wight Buzz Management Committee. The decisions of the management committee ensuring compliance of the Rules or for the better management of the Club are final:-

Purpose and background of club:

  • Wight Buzz is a business networking club intended to support, encourage and promote member’s businesses throughout the Isle of Wight.

Application for membership

  • Wight Buzz reserves the right to refuse membership without explanation.
  • Members must be aged 18 and above.
  • Membership of the Management Committee shall unless determined otherwise be at the sole discretion of the Club President; Lyn Blackledge.

Fees and finances

  • Membership is reviewed, set and paid annually such renewal date may be varied as appropriate and under no circumstances will there be a refund of monies.


  • Members agree to abide by these Rules
  • Members agree to abide to the highest of professional and business standards and at all times to promote the Club in a good light and be a worthy example of good business practice.
  • The Club has the right to suspend or exclude any member with immediate effect as a result of the Club rules being broken or significant unreasonable conduct or behaviour as determined by the Management Committee at their sole and absolute discretion.
  • Members may use the Wight Buzz logo and other promotional material of the Club but shall cease immediately upon notification by the Management Committee or upon ceasing to be a member if earlier.


  • Whilst Wight Buzz will endeavour to promote the highest standards of behaviour from its members, it cannot be held liable for conduct found to be wanting of individual members.
  • Wight Buzz is not responsible to its members for any financial or personal loss.
  • All members are responsible for the actions of themselves and their invitees and Wight Buzz shall not be liable for any physical injury sustained howsoever rising.
  • Members are at all times responsible for the advertising and the promotion of their businesses.
  • All promotional material of whatever nature handed to any member shall not be returned unless it is made clear to the receiving member at the point of delivery that the material must be returned.
  • Members will indemnify the Club for any loss or injury caused to the Club or to its reputation whether caused intentionally or otherwise and such obligation shall continue even after the member ceases to be a member of the Club.