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Toward provides help with alcohol detoxification





Alcohol misuse is harmful and may have far-reaching issues and consequences. Alcohol misuse affects physical, psychological, social and legal well-being of individuals, their families and society as a whole.

Although over a million people in England are dependent on alcohol, only around 6% of these currently receive treatment. This means that every year there are over 940,000 people who are either not seeking help, do not have access to relevant services or whose symptoms are not appropriately identified by health care professionals.


TOWARD are a small experienced alcohol service providing self-funded, safe, discreet and individualised alcohol detoxification and recovery support on the Isle of Wight. Each alcohol detox is in the patient’s own home or the home of a suitable carer.

There are many sensitive reasons why some people prefer not to approach a statutory service to discuss an alcohol issue. These reasons may be far ranging from fear of discrimination, stigma and fear of personal exposure. Additional personal concerns exist in the fear of losing a job if known there is a day to day problem with alcohol. There may also be fears in not knowing who may be seen when walking into or waiting in a National Health Service (NHS) waiting room for an alcohol consultation.

To find out more about Toward to help with alcohol detoxification  - Toward - home alcohol detoxification then click here 

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