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Lyn Blackledge - social media management




Venus awardsAs well as being the founder of Wightbuzz, Lyn Blackledge  is also co-founder of and through ATN she teaches social media as does Tristan - her son and co founder of ATN . They both manage social media for clients as well as for their own business. Tristan makes sure his mum keeps up with common trends and is quick to pass on all the constant changes that occur on social media platforms on an almost daily basis.

Lyn continues to constantly upskill in order to keep up with the fast paced world of social media and social media management. Lyn helps clients chose the most suitable platforms for their businesses. She has embraced live streaming and uses this on a regular basis for the benefit of her clients and her beautiful Isle of Wight. She can be seen regularly broadcasting top business tips from the bus stop.  These will be tips about time saving tools, networking, motivational quotes, changes to social media platforms  - infact anything that might encourage, educate and inspire the modern business owner. Social media can be very scary so Lyn often works with clients on a one to one basis - taking the scariness away and is encouraged by the progress her clients are now making on their social media journeys.

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