It all started with a mug

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Recently I decided to pop along to see Jason and Carrie in Artyshakes (members of our Wightbuzz group) While I was there , I took a picture of my mug of coffee and posted it to facebook as I checked in. e38165a2-c35c-41ab-a7b9-66b789da2416.jpgShortly afterwards, Mark ofYour Occasions , commented under the picture saying he loved Artyshakes. By the time he made that comment, I had actually moved on to Indies, Editwhich is further up the road in Shanklin. I was there to wish a friend "Happy Birthday"  I messaged Mark to say I had moved on and he mentioned that he lived just round the corner so I suggested we meet up and so he arrived shortly afterwards. 

We decided to make our way back to Artyshakes where I introduced Mark to Jason and Carrie. Although Mark had been there before, I introduced him to Jason and Carrie, the very friendly owners and encouraged Mark to tell them more about his business . He was delighted when they asked him to come back on Monday as they wanted to place an order. 

Mark and I met up in Artyshakes later that week and surprised Jason and Carrie with most of their order already completed . They were overjoyed as they had not expected Mark to complete their order so quickly . He was equally delighted as this was his biggest order so far and I was just happy that I had made the connection . And of course, it all started with a Mug  Edit

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