Is it possible to achieve your blogging on the bus?

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So I've been listening to Tristan's productivity tips and here I am blogging on the bus on the way to Cowes Business Association meeting . Tristan, my son and I are business mentors in This would be dead time on a journey that takes about 45 minutes and so I'm gaining time back. I have never been  very good at blogging.  It was a chore for me but I know how essential it is to any business. Therefore I've pushed myself out of my comfort soon and just got on with it. I can achieve so much now having listened to Tristan's productivity tips. I am going to enter the 30 day blogging challenge and as Tristan says,  if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit. So watch out I will be there blogging  very regularly now.  Every day is a school day and there is so much to learn. Every day there are new things especially on social media. Social media changes on a daily basis and therefore it's so important to embrace change. Even at 66, I love keeping up with all the modern changes and I'm delighted to have my entrepreneurial son teaching me. I am so glad that I didn't quash his entrepreneurial spirits when he was 11 and I was called in to see his headmaster. He had been running a tuck shop in school. I merely made the right noises to the headmaster then went home and told Tristan not to get caught next time. I'm so glad I did that otherwise I am sure he would not be teaching me all these productivity tips today. Okay so the blogs done and I haven't yet reached my destination. What else would I have achieved in the past hour? So have a think about it what can you do to save time.

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